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Partition Analysis

Data is often partitioned into separate groups.
A partition is a group of folks related to each other, but not related to other folks in the GEDCOM file.
These groups of folks not related to each other form an "island", or partition.
Each partition is a seperate genealogical line.

To view the partitions within the GEDCOM file, use GEDCOM > Analysis > Partition Analysis ...

Expand a partition to browse it, and see the folks in the partition.

Partitions can be saved to produce a new file, or deleted.
Partitions can be used to divided a GEDCOM file into smaller files.

Partition analysis is good for identifying single folks, not connected to other folks
They will be in a partition of size 1.

To view the partitions in the Individual table:
On the Individual table header Right Click > Display Columns ...
Add the Partition Size column

After the Partition size column is added to the table header
You can sort on this column and Identify folks not related to other folks, (with Partition size 1)

View the partition for a person using
Right Click > View Partition
This shows all folks they are connected to or not related to other people.

See also Cloud Chart for a visual view of data partitions