Example 3D chart
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Example 3D chart
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WebGL chart, generated using Babylon JS
 Rotate the camera with the mouse. (Recommend using a mouse with a scroll wheel)
 Use the Mouse scroll wheel to zoom in / out towards the focus
 Use the arrow keys 🡱🡳🡰🡲 to move around
 Hold down Alt key and 🡱🡳 to zoom in / out ) - if your mouse has no scroll wheel
 Right Click on a person and select Focus  to center/focus the person

  Right Click on the chart, to view the context menu

Viewing the context menu.
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Use Right Click ⟶ Options ... to change the to change the chart text and geometry

Assign text to each face of the cube for persons, and families.

Options for assigning text to persons and families.
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use Right Click ⟶ List Persons to view the a list of persons in the chart.

Viewing the persons in the chart
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sets the root person for the chart
sets the focus for the chart

The root is the person whose ancestors / descendents we are drawing
The focus is the person the camera is pointing to.
  Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in / out towards the focus.  

The following shortcuts are also available.

Please use the following shortcuts, (these are also listed on the popup menu)
Shortcut keys  Menu Title  Description
dDownload  Download person portraits
eEdit  Edit Person or Family
mFamilySearch Match View  Select FamilySearch match
fFocus  Focus
iImport to GEDCOM  Import FamilySearch person to GEDCOM
oOverLay  OverLay
pPreferences  View Chart Preferences
rRefresh  Refresh Chart
jStamp Image  Assign person a temporary portrait (using a postage stamp)

 Use Right Click ⟶ Image ⟶ Export Chart to exported as a stand alone model, for viewing on webpages.
 use Right Click ⟶ Image ⟶ Stamp Image (j) to assign a placeholder image to a person.