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Adding Facts and Edits

Double Click on a person to open them in the editor

When clicking on a person/family link or edit button hold down Control or Shift to open in a new window

To add a fact to Mum click
Select the fact to add.

Verify the date is in the correct format using
Verify the place is in the correct format using
Add to FamilySearch using
The Birth now appears

If you need to change the birth, type in a new value
The CM (Change Message) Box appears

Enter a value for the Change Message. Press to upload to FamilySearch.
View the change history using

The Change history shows the Addition of the birth date, and the birth date being changed.
Always check after an update to verify the information was changed on FamilySearch.

You can delete facts using
A confirmation dialog appears

The change is not made to FamilySearch until the button is pressed.
will always prompt you for a CM (Change Message)
All changes to FamilySearch require a change message.

If information has not been comitted to FamilySearch, you can always undo any changes using the