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FS and GED transfers

Transfer facts from Family Search to your local GEDCOM database (or vice versa)

If there is no individual in your local database linked to the FamilySearch person, a dialog
appears prompting you to select someone

The FamilySearch person is on the right
The local GEDPerson is on the left.

In this case,
The FamilySearch person has a Death entry (which we can move to local database)
The local person has a Source attached (which we can add to FamilySearch)

To move the Death to local database use

The dialog shows the information which will be added to the local GEDCOM database
Use to complete the transaction.

After the transformation we can see the Death information in the local GEDCOM database

To add the GEDCOM source to FamilySearch use

the information is populated in the dialog from the GEDCOM database

Select to add the Source.

but from some reason FamilySearch is giving an error

Lets try adding the Burial to FamilySearch


use to complete transaction

We can see the addition in