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Importing from FS

Importing folks from Family Search to Augean, example

Select the Folks in the FamilySearch Table (on the right)
If the person is not there, add them with and enter the FSID (FamilySearchID)
if person doesnt appear move the vertical devider bar.
Double Click on the person to open them in the editor, and press is needed

Only a stub is imported, to import addition facts using see FS and GED transfers

select and to create the family, then

The relationship struct, and people that existed in FamilySearch are imported into the local GEDCOM database.

Benjamin sitch was in multiple families, to import the other family, expand and select the

we see that Benjamin was already imported

Now import the others, and create a new family for them in the GEDCOM database.

Select and +Kin and

On the chart, give each GEDPerson a Stamp Image Right Click > Image > Stamp Image
Check the option Layout Share Photos
Every time you click on a GEDPERSON and select the person appears in the FamilySearch chart

Remember only a stub was imported, use to compare the local GEDCOM and FS, see FS and GED transfers
Import additional facts as needed.