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To add a memory to FamilySearch Double Click to select the person in the editor

George Sitch 1829

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Add a new memory using   
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Adding a memory for George Sitch 1829
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Click to upload the memory to FamilySearch.
  View change history using    which shows the memory was added.

Change history shows media evidence added.

Updated evidence for George Sitch
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The following operations are supported for memories,   
  Delete the memory.
  View the comments for the memory evidence.
  Attach the memory to other persons.
  Unlink memory from person.
  Create a portrait from the memory

Adding a portrait

Add a portrait using   
Select the portrait area, then Right Click and Tag Person

Selecting portrait for George Sitch

Press    to set the portrait in FamilySearch.

Setting Portrait for George Sitch
if happy, press

 If you get a forbidden warning, it is probably because
FamilySearch thinks the person is still living (less than 110 years since born)

We can see the portrait in the generation chart.
 Refresh the chart if needed using Right Click ⟶ Refresh

Generation chart with portait of George Sitch
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