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FamilySearch > Search

Select the fields to search from.
Search values are exact by default
For non-exact searches append a ~
at the end of the value ,for example ~smith
Date ranges are supported by placing a '-' between two dates. For example 1930-1931

Search is used when you have a limited amount of data.You are casting a wider net and will return data that isn’t relevant.It looks at all of the search fields, especially when you are not considering “exact match”.
Match is used when you believe that the Person in your records may already be in the system and want to match to an exact FamilySearch person.This requires more data than the Search. It is used for detecting for duplicate persons and for retrieving historical record hints.

Matches require the given name, surname, gender and one of the following (or no data will be returned):
• Birth date, place.
• Death date, place.
• Spouse given name, surname.
• Father given name, surname.
• Mother given name, surname

Select the to view the match
To download more information
To View in the Chart use

Import folks using . Import preserves the family relationships. See Importing from FS