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Create Family

Augean supports multiple projects at once
Create a new project File > New Project
Select the project location, where all files are stored
Add a person.

Add a portrait to Herman Double Click on Herman to view Herman in the generation chart
Right Click > Image > Edit Image
Select the portrait

Images should be Copied to the media directory using
The media directory is the location for all images, and prevents broken links
To use the image as a portrait select Portrait then
Herman now appears in the family generation chart

Change the generation chart text using
The Text tab allows you to select text.
To add Hermans spouse Lily use
Select Lily in the Chart and create the relationship using

Select the Couple button (at top) then and

The relationship is created

Repeat this to Add Eddie, use
Select Eddie in the Generation Chart,

Select the existing Family Select +Kin
The relationship is created

Add an image for Eddie Right Click > Image > Edit Image
Voila, the monster chart.