Use    to create Family Relationships.

Create relationship dialog (1 table)
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Select the folks to include in the relationship with and
Existing families the persons belong to are listed.
Use to create a new Family

Click    to view an alternative Dialog for creating relationships.
Click    to view original Dialog for creating relationships.

The two table dialog allows to select 2 people at the same time.

Create relationship dialog (2 tables)
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The Generation chart, is very helpful, for cleaning up relationship errors.
In this case, multiple families were created for the same people.
(as identified by the extra lines on the diagram.)

Click on the lines to a family, or Modify relationships
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For example to fix an error use Right Click ⟶ RelationShips ⟶ Remove Person from Family
After you make changes, Right Click ⟶ Refresh to see changes in the chart.