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Augean uses GEDCOM for the internal database
All transactions are encoded in GEDCOM

Click GEDCOM > Debug > View GEDCOM to view the XML representation of GEDCOM

The GEDCOM ID for Objects is shown in the table

Links to GEDCOM structures are shown as Link

Because the internal structure of the database is GEDCOM
it is easy to exchange information with other Genealogical software, most of which support GEDCOM

The transaction manager within Augean, helps keeps the GEDCOM correct.
GEDCOM is the only supported standard for Genealogical information.
GEDCOM avoids Vendor lockin . The GEDCOM database can be opened by other Genealogical software.

The buttons are used through Augean to provide a view of the GEDCOM

Direct Editing of the GEDCOM is possible through Right Click > Set

But it is recommended to use the GED Editor to edit the GEDCOM
Changes to the GEDCOM are recorded in the Change Log so can easily be tracked and undone.