The GEDCOM editor shows the actual GEDCOM file
but, also allows for edits, deletes and searching

Editing the GEDCOM file

 Right Click ⟶ Search to view the search menu.

Searching the GEDCOM, enter text to search on

Press    to view the GEDCOM match

 Click on a entry to edit

Editing the GEDCOM directly.
Click    to commit the change to the GEDCOM database.

Right Click ⟶ Delete to delete GEDCOM entries

Delete the GEDCOM entry, confirmation dialog

Click    to add data.
For example, to add a DEATH Date

Adding GEDCOM data from the GEDCOM schema
Click to add the selected data to the GEDCOM database

Editing the new GEDCOM data
Click    to commit changes to the GEDCOM database.

 Click   then to view the changelog showing the changes added to the GEDCOM for this person, see Session Log.