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GED Editor

GEDEditor for direct editing of GEDCOM
Gives more options than the Whiz Editor
Generally the Whiz Editor is preferred, but GEDCOM editor gives you additional control.

GEDCOM is the standard way of sharing Genealogical Information
Augean is based on GEDCOM. The internal database is pure GEDCOM structure.
GEDCOM allows sharing of information with other Genealogical software.

GEDCOM editor (Select GED to use GEDCOM editor)

Move to previous page
Undo last edit
Add Elements in the GEDCOM schema
Select Person in chart.
Delete Person
View the GEDCOM
View Media
View Ancestors
View the FanChart
View Sources for person
View Notes for person
View Timeline for person
View Ideas from Web.

When making changes during editing the values are not committed automatically (for safety, to stop unexpected modifications)
Use to commit the value to the local GEDCOM database.
Use to cancel the edit and reset the value

The _FSID tags are used to store the FamilySearch Id

will show the FamilySearch person in the FamilySearch Editor

Links also have an next to them, to allow the Links to be changed
For example the Source Link for Birth

Add Schema Elements using

M Shows the schema supports multiple copies of this element.
Link The Element is a links to another GEDCOM structure.
NOTE Shows elements that are Links to Notes
SOURCE Shows elements that are Links to Sources
Object Shows elements that are Links to Objects (Objects are used to represent Media)
Adds the selected elements

The Structure of GEDCOM shows that Sources, and Notes may be local or Shared
Shared Sources are links to Sources, which may be referenced elsewhere
Local Sources cannot be referenced elsewhere.
Generally Shared Sources are used in the Genealogy.

Within the Editor, the following buttons
Delete Entry
View the FamilySearch match
Add an GEDCOM Element from the GEDCOM schema within current Element.
Launch the Pattern Viewer

Dates are especially complex in GEDCOM with many different versions supported
When editing a date field, if an invalid data is entered the Pattern help button, button appears.

Viewing the pattern options for Date in the Pattern viewer