(Click on small images to enlarge)

Right click on a person to view or edit the image

The Media page allows adding, and editing of media
Delete images using
Add images using

Select the file then

The Media directory is a central location under the current Augean project for storing files
This prevents broken links to external files which are moved.

Help > About shows the location of the Media Directory

View files not in the media directory using GEDCOM > Analysis > Media Check ...

The dialog gives you the option to move the file into the media directory
(all references to the file in the GEDCOM will be updated)

Before moving to the Media directory, the file name is stored in the GEDCOM as a link to the external file
C:\work\augean\images\herman 44.jpg
This is a very fragile link, which can easily be broken if external file is moved.

Users are encouraged to copy all files to the media directory
The file name is then
MEDIA_DIRECTORY\herman 44.jpg
which is directly inside the augean project.

Using File > Backup ... the project and the media directory can be backed up

The backup zip archive contains the GEDCOM file and the media.

Run GEDCOM > Analysis > Media Check ... to view media files not in the Media directory

will update the GEDCOM with new links to the files in the media directory.

Select the portrait image using Portrait

The image in the chart is updated

The Whiz editor now shows there are 2 media for Herman.

What a handsome chap!