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Reasons for Augean

The 10 key advantages of Augean software for Genealogy are

1. Pure GEDCOM database. No loss of information when importing from any GEDCOM source. All custom GEDCOM tags are supported.
GEDCOM is the only universally supported shared standard for Genealogy.
Storing the database in GEDCOM format, makes sense. It avoids vendor lock in.
For example, The Master Genealogist used to be considered as the best genealogical tool. However it was discontinued in 2014. The internal database structure was propriety, leaving a problem for users migrating the data to other tools.
Augean avoids this problem by using GEDCOM, which as a universally supported standard, allows easy migration to other tools.

2. FamilySearch Support
In depth support for FamilySearch
FamilySearch is the only free permanent universal shared storage for genealogy.
FamilySearch is totally free, anyone can create a free account.
FamilySearch is permanent storage, being supported by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Utah. It will be there in 1000 years.
FamilySearch is shared, allowing for collaborative development of genealogy trees.
Augean has in depth integration with FamilySearch.
Visually compare the local Augean database with FamilySearch. Facts, relationships are easily transferred both ways

3. Easy visual editing of relationships through the generation chart.
Relationships are visually explained, and easily edited.
Duplicates and structural errors are easily identified using the generation chart.

4. Excellent graphics engine for charts.
Full support for portraits and customizable text. Add pictures to produce quality generation charts, and customize the text on the charts. Appearance of the generation chart is optimized using state of the art machine learning techniques.

5. Transaction logs, to capture changes made during the session.
Review and backout changes. Review the most recent modifications

6. Continual development, and improvement in a modern programming Language (Java)
Augean is based on Java, and is continually being maintained, and updated.
Need a new feature?, just contact us, we can probably write it.
Modern languages like Java, allow for programs to adapt and change easily.
Language choice is key for tool development, Java is fast, efficient.

Example benchmark for Java.

Python handled this test for 694 secs, comparing to
Java that required only 6 seconds
Java is an excellent choice for genealogy programs. see https://belitsoft.com

7.Support for visually impaired. customize and change all fonts.
Charts, Editors and Tables can easily be customized to change fonts, Colors and text size. No more eye strain. Easy to read text.

8. Dual Screen Support.
A large work area is essential in genealogy. Its best to have two screens when interacting with FamilySearch. Augean supports multiple Monitors

9.Customizable report Engine.
Augean ships with a report library, but allows users to develop their own reports.
Reports can be static, or dynamic web pages (where User can click on Persons, and interact with them

10. Integration with Google Maps. Full integration with Google Maps, to track locations of Ancestors. Create dynamic google map charts.