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Why Augean

Genealogy is collaborative. Genealogical work needs to be shared.
But, you also need your private local database.
With Augean, you have a private local database but share and collaborate with other users through FamilySearch.
Augean has in-depth integration with FamilySearch. To our knowledge, it has the most in-depth integration of any desktop genealogical software.
FamilySearch is the best choice for sharing genealogy. It's Free, Permanent Shared Storage of genealogy, accessible to anyone in the world.

Most of the help guides for Augean are provided through youtube videos
Please check out the video tutorials first.

Augean is 100% GEDCOM compliant, the main database is structured around GEDCOM,
All custom tags are fully supported, and GEDCOM data with custom tags can be
imported and exported from Augean, with no loss of information.
The GEDCOM standard is important, It is the only standard format for storing Genealogy. The Augean GEDCOM database can be read directly my other Genealogical software. There is no vendor lockin.

Augean supports 4 main graphical engines
- Generation Chart
- Fan Chart
- Cloud Chart
- Google Maps.

The Report engine in Augean, provides template reports, which can be customized

Example Chart with Augean.
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