Tag Photos

Tagging people in photos in Augean.
First, select the Media from the Media tables.
You can search for the media to select.

Press    to show the photo tag dialog.

Tagging a person in a photo

Drag the mouse to select the person in the photo.
Then right-click to tag the person.
Augean will provide a list of people for you to select.

Drag the mouse to select the area.
Right Click to tag the person

Right click on the selected area to tag a person

Select the person from the table.
Search for the person using the search filter.
Press the select button to select the person.

Select the person to be tagged

Select Person to be tagged
(Click on the image to enlarge)

 When selecting a person, use the search box and enter known information about them. (In this case I entered the birth date)

Joseph Kennedy is now tagged in the photo.
Click on the dashed rectangle to show Joseph Kennedy.

Josepth Kennedy, 1888 tagged in the photo

Viewing the media for a person shows all the photos they are tagged in.

Edit Josepth Kennedy, and select    to view the media for him.

The media for Josepth Kennedy shows the photos he is tagged in
  use   Portrait to set the portrait for Joseph Kennedy

The generation chart shows the portrait of a person.
If a person is tagged in a photo, that can be used as a portrait.

click    to view Josepth Kennedy in the generation chart.

Josepth Kennedy in the generation chart