Report Scripting

Start the report generator with Reports ⟶ Report Script Editor ...

The Augean report library is currently under development, and being expanded
Please contact us if you need a report.
The report library is based on JavaScript and HTML, to give maximum flexibility for creating reports.

Select a report from the library using   

The report script library.

The report shows in the script editor
(Click on the image to enlarge)

Filter who is to be included in the report using  
See Searching to filter people to go into the report
The filter applies to all the report script windows for the project.
The report filter can be cleared using   

Select the filter, to view just the "sitch" line.
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Press    to create the report

The report is generated on the filtered set of people.

Report Variables.
Press    to view the report variables.

List of variables which can be included in the report.
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Press    to view the report macros.
  The macro HR is for horizontal line, and adds a horizontal line in the report.

The report script editor has the following buttons.
  Choose the report script
  Select the report variables
  Add a report shortcut macro
  Select the report filter
  Clear the report filter
  Show the report in a dialog
  Show the report in a new browser tab
  Save the report script to a text file
  Load a report script from a text file